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Sundeep Kolliboyina

“I was looking around for a trainer and found Ron on Yelp. I must tell you that I made the right choice. We started off by writing down my goals and Ron makes sure we work towards it. It’s been a month long journey with Ron and I already started seeing the results in the right direction.

Ron is very good in setting up your workout plan/diet plan. He makes sure that the work outs aren’t boring by bringing in variation. He carefully plans my workout and also helps with post workout stretches e.t.c. I throughly enjoyed his sessions and looking forward to many more in the near future.

No pain no gain”

*Results will vary person to person

Ron came strongly recommended from a friend and is my first trainer.  I’ve been told I lucked out bc not all trainers are this good. I had already been working out for 1.5 years and felt I was fairly fit.  Honestly, I didn’t think a trainer was necessary.  So why did I sign up?  After an unexplained shoulder injury, I was sent to months of PT and massage therapy, which was VERY expensive and time consuming … it yielded zero benefit and I gained weight and lost motivation from taking it too easy during that time (and I was in pain!).  With the option to choose surgery or wait it out (frozen shoulder heals itself eventually), I decided my “healthcare” options were unacceptable and decided to pass on surgery and choose a proactive route.  I opted for a trainer bc it would build strength and the movement in tendons, ligaments from lifting actually speeds the recovery.  Then comes Ron 🙂

Firstly, Ron is a beautifully sculpted human that shows up and actually cares.  I love that he has his own story as well.  In the beginning, I was unsure of what would happen to my body lifting on the “free weights” side … but Ron is about developing symmetry.  I was babying my shoulder in the beginning, and what we discovered was that I just needed to warm up (i.e. set 1 was tight, set 2 felt looser, set 3 was fine, etc).  It’s not insignificant when you consider that the difference in stopping at set 1 vs. staying with it.  Anyway, I was LUCKY to find a trainer with patience and insight to see/test that with me.  On bad days, he’s great about kind reminders about progress to boost spirits.  On good days, I’m getting my butt worked and laughing about it.

I’m more in the game for overall health and well being, but wow, did I mention that I’ve lost 14 lbs and dropped 2 sizes down (and that wasn’t even the goal!).  Here’s the kicker for me, I actually do less cardio now then before.  He’s got me doing all sorts of bands, weights, and other kinds of muscle sculpting trickery that I would never know or try otherwise — he’s talented in this way.

He’s essential to my proactive healthcare plan.  I would highly recommend Ron … so long as you don’t snag my time slot 😉

*Results will vary person to person

Varun Agarwal

* My goal when I hired Ron was to build lean muscles, get definition and get out of the plateau I had hit. The decision to hire Ron as my personal trainer turned out to be good one. Ron is a really great trainer – he focusses on your personal needs, cater your regime to your goals, pushes you to your limits and make you go past them, and most of all – keeps you motivated. Within 2 weeks, I started to feel the difference in my body. He made sure that all exercises are done with proper form, provided intricate details on how the muscles react to various exercises we do, in addition to what’s the right time and right way to eat food during the day. There is so much information on the internet that you don’t know what is right or wrong and what effect following some particular diet/workout routine will have on you, if any. But after working with Ron, I can make well informed decisions for my workout and eating habits. I will recommend Ron to anybody, whether a novice or a avid gym goer, who is looking to change his/her body or may be to just get that extra edge or get over the saturation.

* Results will vary person to person

*  I heard about Ron from a friend of mine. I researched about him on Facebook and went through his website, and emailed him in regards to more information. He replies back to your emails instantly. I meet him in person and started my training sessions with him the next week.

Ron provides a complete package along with the diet plan that is not so easy to follow. But you should be ready to give up on the food if you want to meet your goals. The session will be aggressive based on the way you adapt to his challenges.

I have been with him for 8-weeks now and he has exceeded my expectations as a trainer.

I am almost 70% close to reaching out to my goals.

He is there by your side correcting your techniques; and motivates you to push past your limits. I would greatly recommend Ron If you need to improve your health and fitness.

* Results will vary person to person


* It’s been a great pleasure of mine training with you. I have lost 25 lbs in the 4 months that you have trained me, look and feel great and have learned so much in such a short time. Your commitment, desire and motivation to me and all your clients can not be described with words. I strongly recommend you to friends and family and I look forward to continuing having you as my trainer.

*Results will vary person to person

Andrea Dequinia

* Ron has been my Personal Trainer for about 7 weeks now and I see my body transforming into a better shape. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Ron’s resistance training exercises and meal plan recommendations. Ron showed me the techniques on how to achieve my goal. His techniques and his persistence to motivate makes me feel stronger and more fit than I have ever felt before.

Ron pushes me to obtain the goal I want to achieve through his customized training exercises which are challenging, but not more than you can handle. He also places value on correct form with each exercise, as well motivates me to push hard to get results. I’ve used a few Personal trainers in the past; I was disappointed and did not trust anyone to train me. But with Ron I have confidence and complete trust in his ability to perform and get results. If you are looking for personal trainer I would highly recommend him to anyone. That’s how happy I am. I extended my training session with him just because I was pleased and happy with the results I’ve seen so far.

*Results will vary person to person

Ashwin Pai

* I have been working out for a long time by myself and with several other trainers, but have never been trained by one like Ron. He has taken weight training to a whole new level for me. He is dedicated, motivated and an inspiration to his clients. He understands his clients needs and tailors their workouts accordingly. I will continue to train with Ron as a few weeks of training have gotten me some great results.

*Results will vary person to person


* Just like many others out there, I’ve always struggled with being healthy and fit.I’ve never really considered myself overweight but I do realize that I could stand to lose a few pounds. I’ve tried more than a dozen diets, and most have been unsuccessful. One think that I lacked the most was the motivation. I didn’t have enough enthusiasm to get up and do something to attain my weight loss goals. I always looked for the easy way out thinking that a miracle pill exists out there and would just help me shed the pounds without any effort. Then, I met Ron. He changed it all. He made me realize the importance of discipline and hard work when it comes to attaining my goals. When I finally decided to make the commitment to changing my lifestyle, he sat me down and created a workout plan as well as meal recommendations. The first couple of weeks were a struggle as I was not used to having meal restrictions and daily workouts. *However, once I started seeing results, it became an addiction.Ron made sure that I stuck to the plan and he was very supportive throughout the whole process. He keeps me motivated and inspires me daily to do better. Although progress is slow, it is progress nonetheless. Acquiring a personal trainer and committing to becoming healthy has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

*Results will vary person to person

Leni A

* I’m currently in week 3 of my training. Started at 265lb and now weigh 240lb. I been thru a lot of trainers and spent thousands on different programs. Not “knocking” anyone’s style but this program is what works for me. I bring 100% and my coach Ron matches that at 110%. “What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up.” Thank you RJ!!!!

*Results will vary person to person



Starting Weight: 235lbs
Current: 205lbs
Starting BMI: 30.1%
Current BMI: 18.5%
Training Period: 4 months

*Results will vary person to person

Larry Chan

* I’ve been training with Ron for 5 weeks. My goal is to gain strength, lose weight and reduce body fat. So far I have lost 6 lbs, reduced my body fat 5% and feel stronger. I didn’t know what to expect from the Ron’s high protein, low-fat/low-carb 5-meals a day nutrition plan, would I feel hungry in between meals, would my body adapt to eating 5 meals a day? As it turns out, to my surprise, I’m eating all the time and rarely feel hungry.

I enjoy the high intensity cardio and weight lifting workout sessions. I’m learning so much, how to lift correctly and targeting muscles I normally don’t use. I’m really happy that Ron as my personal trainer, he’s a terrific person and motivator. I highly recommend Ron to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.

*Results will vary person to person



* I began training with Ron as part of my New Years Resolution to get back into strength training and healthy eating. I was satisfied with the results achieved over our 12 week period.

Ron guided me through a carb cycling program and I lost 20 lbs in seven weeks. Following his advice and performing the regimen he customized for me, i was able to lose body fat, build muscle, feel better and see physical improvements.

Ron is calm, cool and patient. He motivated me when I thought I couldn’t push further and taught me how to lift weights for mass building and body sculpting.

I recommend Ron as a personal trainer if your goal is to achieve transformational physical results.

*Results will vary person to person

*Results in 7 weeks!

Starting Weight: 225lbs
Starting BMI: over 30%
Starting Waist: 42″


Current: 206lbs
Current BMI: 23.8%
Current Waist: 38″